Companies don’t just come to Victronics because they want to buy technology devices, they come to us because they need to solve a business challenges.


With us, they find solutions.

The world is pushing toward a new kind of financial services experience – the kind that serves real people in an increasingly digital and connected world. Responding to this new demand is no simple task. Victronics draws on deep knowledge and foresight to constantly look ahead for our clients, delivering solutions that work for today’s realities and will take them into the future.

Stay ahead by partnering with the company that thinks ahead.




Equipment Maintenance and Service Solutions

We know the equipment we sell is often mission critical and that our customers rely heavily on it to serve their own customers. Because of that, we’ve worked to provide a variety of service options (see below) aimed at keeping the equipment up and running. We service all the equipment we’ve sold and will also offer service on our competitors’ equipment. We have technicians located widely, so that we can respond quickly to your service needs.

Maintenance Service Agreements

Victronics developed the Maintenance Service Program, our most complete service offering, to encourage customers to undertake preventive maintenance and to give them complete peace of mind.

  • Flat fee covers any part or equipment failure not caused by misuse.
  • Flat fee includes annual preventive maintenance that you can schedule at a convenient time.
  • Immediate phone service of our technician.
  • Priority on site service. As a Maintenance Service Agreement holder, you go to the front of the line for service calls.
  • Most on-site service is performed within one business day.
  • Replacement equipment provided if issue can’t be addressed with on-site service.
  • Agreements allow you to avoid any unexpected expenditures

On Site Service

Victronics gladly provides service to customers who do not purchase Maintenance Service Agreements. In fact, we can even service many pieces of equipment that we didn’t sell.

  • Service work billed on a time & materials basis.
  • Typical service invoice includes service time, a travel charge, and part charges if needed.
  • Minimum charge is for one hour per machine.
  • Immediate phone service available from an our technician and billed solely based on time.
  • Quick response rate: We strives to respond to all calls within one business day.
  • If the issue can’t be addressed with on site service, we will provide an equipment loaner, provided one is available. We can only guarantee loaners for customers who purchase maintenance service contracts, but we do our best to minimize your downtime.

Depot Service

Victronics also provides depot service, which is often more cost effective than on site service. If a product is shipped to or dropped off at our office, we will repair it in our shop. We bill for this work on a time and materials basis. Depot service allows you to save on the travel charge.

  • Service work performed in Victronics shop and billed on a time & materials basis.
  • Typical service invoice includes service time, part charges, and shipping charges if needed. You save on travel charges