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Frequently Asked Questions About Security Systems

On this page we address some of the most common questions people ask about our Equipment/Devices. If you have any other questions please contact us and we will be pleased to help.




202 Paper Open rear door

Solution: There is a cheque jammed at the back of the printer or the fuser unit. If you cannot find any paper jammed in the printer but continue receiving the 202 paper jam error, the printer may have a broken or stuck exit sensor flag.


201 paper jam remove cartridge

This indicates that there is a paper between the printers input sensor at the front and the exit sensor at the back.


  1. Open the upper front door
  2. Grasping the print cartridge by the hand grip, pull it towards you and slightly open up. Then put the cartridge straight out towards you.

3. Locate the feeding roller, release lever and gently push it back to release the pressure on the cheque

4. Pull out the cheque

5. Reinstall the print cartridge and close the upper front door.


922 service fuser error

Solution: Turn off the machine for like 10 minutes, switch it on. If the error continues to show, you should replace the FUSER UNIT REPAIR KIT


923 service fuser error

Solution: Do as above (922 service fuser error)


917 service transfer roll

Solution: Switch the printer OFF and ON after 20 minutes, if the problem persist, change the HIGH VOLTAGE POWER SUPPLY BOARD (H.V.P.S)


Persistent paper jam

If there is a persistence paper jam, this is due to dampness of cheque.  It is advised that you use hand dryer to dry your cheque.


929 Service toner sensor

This indicate a problem with the toner sensor, the front harness cable or the developer drive.

Solution: take out the toner cartridge, check inside the machine where the encode wheel sits, use a clean handkerchief to clean it and blow it very well, replace the toner abd switch on the machine.


32 unsupported cartridges

Solution: Power off the printer, remove cartridge and check the 2 pins at the right hand side of the printer that make contact with the chip on the toner cartridge, push the pins outside by putting a finger at the back of the 2 pins and push it outward. Insert back your toner cartridge and power on the printer.


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